Vorhang-Farbe-schwarz reinraumvorhang

Clean curtain black

+ Black non-transparent material
+ Partitions various areas
+ More cleanliness
+ Also for cleanrooms
+ Sizes according to your wishes and needs
+ Phthalate free material

+ Black and non-transparent

Black material for good darkening. Work with black light, e.g. for quality inspections, partitioning areas with black curtains for this purpose.

+ More cleanliness
Have less cleaning efforts thanks to the antistatic material of the strips. Due to this feature less particle attach to the curtain.

+ Phthalate free material
Take care of the environment and of the health of your staff. All materials are phthalate free.

+ Partition different areas
Separate various areas of cleanness. Cleanroom curtains also create room in room solutions, cleanroom cells, soft walled cleanrooms and laminar flow booths. Benefit from the different varieties.

+ Specifically made for cleanrooms
Get strip curtains for clean or non-clean areas. In a cleanroom, the airflow needs to be consistent. For this reason, the cleanroom option reduces flow turbulence when the curtain is closed as the junction between curtain and fastening rail is especially cleanly worked.

+ Individual dimensions
Get your cleanroom curtains in almost every width and length. The strips themselves are 300 mm wide, 1 mm thick and overlap by about 50 mm.

Cleanroom curtains with black strips

– Black lamellae
– Sizes according to your wishes and needs
– Curtains available in almost every width and length
– Strips are 300 mm wide, 1 mm thick
– Overlap of strips by about 50 mm
– All materials are phthalate free.


A support rail made from aluminium mounts the curtain. After the support rail is attached, mounting is fast and without using tools. Just insert the strips from the side and secure them by end caps.

The best solution in any situation:

1. Support rail for wall mounting (behind the lintel)
2. Support rail for ceiling mounting (under the lintel)

You can also mount support rails to an aluminum profile.

Colors of the support rail according to your wishes and needs: Eloxed, stainless steel finish or powder-coated from the RAL color range.

Bottom edge with lead cord

To avoid opening of the curtain by airflow, weights can be attached to bottom edge. The pictures show an example of a welded lead cord. As the lead cord is included in the curtain, the cleaning of the curtain is easy and quick. The lead rope is available in white and red. Special colors on request.
The standard version of the curtain comes without weighting. Order all curtains optional with inwrought lead cord as additional weight.

Corner solution

Corners of cleanroom cells and soft walled cleanrooms can be sealed, so no particles can get in. To seal corners, the two corner strips are welded together with a small strip of the same material.

This version is frequently used in the cleanroom tent. Every time when two curtains meet at a 90° angle, you can choose the corner solution.


Transparent, black or yellow

Get cleanroom curtains not only in crystal clear material, but also in a non-transparent black version. Black cleanroom curtains darken areas or create rooms to work with black light. By this, you can separate zones with black light for quality inspections. Use the yellow cleanroom curtain for works in yellow light rooms. Get all cleanroom curtains optional as moveable curtains.

Cleanroom Curtains

Benefit from cleanroom curtains for your cleanroom and partition different areas of cleanness. Fast, easy and reliable. Reach a higher cleanroom class in a controlled area. Cleanness plays an important part in a cleanroom. Create a clean production environment by partitioning. Cleanroom curtains are commonly used for room in room solutions or isolated solutions. The system is flexible, reliable, modularly expandable and easy to install. Developed especially for the use in cleanrooms.

What is a cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a workspace with an extremely low number of particulates. It has a ventilation system or air condition holding back particulates in the air. Only filtered air gets into the room. This reduces number and size of particulates. Cleanroom curtains direct the clean air and establish clean working areas. Partition areas with cleanroom curtains quickly and easily. The flexible curtain makes the room accessible from all sides.

Made in Germany

All cleanroom curtains are made in southern Germany and meet European standards.