Eighteen benefits of flexible cleanroom curtains

1. Flexible partitioning of production areas
Perfect if persons have to pass the cleanroom curtain. Moveable option for bigger objects, like material or tools.

2. More favorable than a solid wall
Because of the modularly expandable system.

3. Faster mounted than a solid wall
Because of the fast mounting system.

4. Entirely crystal clear
Allowing you to see through the curtain over the entire length. An alternative or addition to a solid cleanroom wall.

5. Pleasant working atmosphere
Benefit from a pleasant working environment created by the transparent cleanroom curtain. The strips allow you to see through them over the entire length.

6. Better light distribution
Light is distributed throughout the whole room, as the curtain is transparent.

7. Tool-free replacement of lamellae
The system allows easy and fast replacement of curtain strips.

8. Easy mounting and cleaning
After attaching the support rail, mounting is fast and without using tools. Just insert the strips from the side and secure them by end caps. That’s it!

9. Short delivery times
A wide range of standard materials allows us to guarantee for short delivery times.

10. For all types of fastenings
Whether on ceiling or on the wall behind the lintel. We offer all kinds of fastenings.

11. Better quality of your products
Establish a clean production environment and by this better products and quality.

12. Lower your costs by more good parts
A lower reject rate can be a result of less particulates in the air of a cleanroom.

13. Partition various zones of cleanness
Cleanroom cells or room in room solution can be realized by cleanroom curtains.

14. Reduce cleaning efforts
Cleanroom curtains partition production areas, so only certain areas have a higher purity.

15. Eliminate draughts of air
To achieve a laminar flow, cleanroom curtains can be used as an air guide element to reduce turbulences.

16. Protection against particles
A slight overpressure prevents particles to permeate the cleanroom curtain.

17. Controlled workspace
Establish a controlled workspace concerning particles and temperature.

18. A solution that works
Many customers as well as building services use our cleanroom curtains successfully.

Benefit from our advantages as specialists for cleanroom curtains and flexible room partitioning.
Experience in the market, specialist knowledge, advice and professional handling.

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