Overview of products

Clean curtain transparent

+ Pleasant working atmosphere
+ Separate various areas of cleanness
+ More cleanliness
+ Especially made for the cleanroom
+ Phthalate free material
+ Sizes according to your wishes and needs

Cleanroom curtain for yellow light rooms

+ For photolithography rooms
+ Sizes according to your wishes and needs
+ Special solutions
+ Available with welded in lead cord
+ Available with corner solution
+ Phthalate free material

Clean curtain black

+ Black non-transparent material
+ Partitions various areas
+ More cleanliness
+ Also for cleanrooms
+ Sizes according to your wishes and needs
+ Phthalate free material

Moveable curtains

+ The openable strip curtain
+ Sizes according to your wishes and needs
+ One single or several parts
+ guiding rails in various varieties
+ Phthalate free material
+ Made in Germany

Strip curtains

+ Pleasant working atmosphere
+ Reducing of cost of energy
+ More cleanliness
+ Also for cleanrooms
+ Phthalate free material

Field of use of Strip Curtains

A Curtain made of flexible Strips comes in various varieties. Ideal for cleanrooms.

Cleanroom partitioning

A cleanroom curtain can separate cleanrooms from controlled areas, so zones of different levels of purity are segregated. Cleanroom curtains partition machines or facilities of other production areas. By this, they create clean working conditions.

While partitioning different zones the clear strips allow at the same time a free view to the separated area. The permeability stays retained by the flexible strips. Persons can walk through the curtain on every side.

Strip curtains are also used for housings of machines and facilities.

Room in room solution: cleanroom cell and soft walled cleanrooms

Cleanroom curtains are an important part of room in room systems. Of cleanroom cells as well as of soft walled cleanrooms or laminar flow booths. A room inside a room is developed.

Cleanroom cell and soft walled cleanrooms

Consisting of an unsupported frame construction, the cleanroom cell has filter fan units in the ceiling to filter the air that gets inside the construction. Strip curtains fit all round the cleanroom cell to close the walls. This makes the room accessible by every side. A laboratory bench for instance is within reach from every side.

Cleanroom cabin

The cleanroom cabin works in a similar way to the cleanroom tent. With the cleanroom cabin, fixed wall panels close the walls.

Laminar flow box

A laminar flow box is used to generate a laminar flow. The laminar flow booth can be limited by a pane or by cleanroom curtains. Filters on the ceiling clean the air. A gap between floor and curtain makes sure the air can escape and this forms a laminar flow inside the booth. Cleanroom curtains can also partition laminar flow cabinets ensuring clean working conditions.

Reduce of cost of energy

While partitioning different areas a cleanroom curtain also separates zones thermally. So the warmth stays where it belongs to and you save money!

Crystal clear TOP quality for every cleanroom!

You benefit from cleanroom lamella curtains in various designs. Whether strip curtains or production room partitions, permanently mounted or movable cleanroom curtains. Transparent, black or for the yellow light room. Ask the specialist for flexible room partitions for more information.

The cleanroom curtains separate different cleanroom classes from each other. You can also use our cleanroom curtains in the sluice between cleanroom and greyroom. Also suitable for room-in-room solutions!

18 benefits of flexible cleanroom curtains

  1. Flexible partitioning of production areas
    Perfect if persons have to pass the cleanroom curtain. Moveable option for bigger objects, like material or tools.
  2. More favorable than a solid wall
    Because of the modularly expandable system.
  3. Faster mounted than a solid wall
    Because of the fast mounting system.
  4. Entirely crystal clear
    Allowing you to see through the curtain over the entire length. An alternative or addition to a solid cleanroom wall.
  5. Pleasant working atmosphere
    Benefit from a pleasant working environment created by the transparent cleanroom curtain. The strips allow you to see through them over the entire length.
  6. Better light distribution
    Light is distributed throughout the whole room, as the curtain is transparent.
  7. Tool-free replacement of lamellae
    The system allows easy and fast replacement of curtain strips.
  8. Easy mounting and cleaning
    After attaching the support rail, mounting is fast and without using tools. Just insert the strips from the side and secure them by end caps. That’s it!
  9. Short delivery times
    A wide range of standard materials allows us to guarantee for short delivery times.
  10. For all types of fastenings
    Whether on ceiling or on the wall behind the lintel. We offer all kinds of fastenings.
  11. Better quality of your products
    Establish a clean production environment and by this better products and quality.
  12. Lower your costs by more good parts
    A lower reject rate can be a result of less particulates in the air of a cleanroom.
  13. Partition various zones of cleanness
    Cleanroom cells or room in room solution can be realized by cleanroom curtains.
  14. Reduce cleaning efforts
    Cleanroom curtains partition production areas, so only certain areas have a higher purity.
  15. Eliminate draughts of air
    To achieve a laminar flow, cleanroom curtains can be used as an air guide element to reduce turbulences.
  16. Protection against particles
    A slight overpressure prevents particles to permeate the cleanroom curtain.
  17. Controlled workspace
    Establish a controlled workspace concerning particles and temperature.
  18. A solution that works
    Many customers as well as building services use our cleanroom curtains successfully.